Automatic Wafer Mover/Sorter 300mm – WS300

Standalone, automatic, single-wafer transfer and wafer mover. 300mm Wafer Sorter with the mapping end effector. An automated, stand-alone transfer tool. The cost-effective tool to reduce wafer breakage and scratches caused by manual wafer handling. This simple sorter is compatible with all SEMI compliant FOUP, FOSB, and metal cassettes. Wafers are gently lifted from cassette slots before being extracted or loaded. This reduces contact with the cassette, minimizing particle generation and wafer edge chipping. Designed for ISO Class 5 (FS209E Class 10).


WS300 Features:
  • Touchscreen control
  • 350 wafers per hour
  • Gravity End Effector with peek pads and snubber.
  • Wafer mapping checks for wafer presence, cross-slot, double stack
  • Combining wafers into one cassette *Multiple Recipe Modes
  • Antistatic construction


Wafer Size 300mm
Power Requirements 24VDC 2.7A, 100-240VAC to 24VDC Power Supply Sold separately
Throughput 350 wafers per hour
Weight 350 lbs