Automatic Single Wafer Transfer and Wafer Sorter WS200

A stand-alone tabletop automation system features two-cassette stage configuration. A cost-effective automation tool designed to reduce wafer breakage and scratches. Compatible with industry standard shipping, process, and metal cassettes. Provides a highly flexible control system that any operator can use with minimal training.
The tool is operated from a touch screen display.  Operators load the cassettes onto the stage.  To move wafers between cassettes, the operator can choose one of the three available modes:
  • Manual Mode
  • Quick Transfer Mode
  • Recipe Mode
A safe vacuum-less low-contact end-effector includes a wafer mapping sensor that maps wafer locations in each cassette and detects wafer presence for accurate movements.
  • SECS/GEM Tool Interface
  • Integrated OCR Automated
  • Pre-Aligner
  • Single wafer transfer
  • Lot split transfer
  • Merge applications
  • Pitch change applications
  • "Fill" loading/removing test wafers from a parent lot
  • Scratch reduction by eliminating manual wafer handling
  • Combining wafer lots/splitting lots/odd-even
  • Thin wafer handling (up to 2mm warpage)
  • MEMS or Taiko® (wafer edge end-effector option)


Wafer Size 100mm- 200mm
Power Requirements 24VDC 3 Amps 120VAC to 24VDC Power Supply Specify when order