X-ray Inspection System – Quadra5

X-ray Inspection System – Quadra5
  • Quadra™ 5 is the X-ray inspection system of choice for micron applications such as PCB and semiconductor package inspection, counterfeit component screening and finished goods quality control.
  • The QuadraNT™ X-ray source and AspireFP™ detector are designed, manufactured and integrated in-house, specifically for electronics and manufacturing samples.
  • Ensure manufacturing compliance. Inbuilt automated tools for BGA quality analysis, bump diameter and roundness, wire sweep, solder and QFN voiding make quick work of finding defects, helping you achieve IPC-A-610 and IPC-7095 compliance.
  • Maintenance Free - Minimize downtime. The QuadraNT X-ray tube requires no regular maintenance or filament changes.
  • Oil free - QuadraNT uses an oil free ion pump to maintain vacuum which never requires an oil change.